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C3 Youth Staff

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Jason Krieger

Youth Pastor
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Favorite Bible Story: Prodigal Son parable /Jonathan & his armor-bearer; 1 Samuel 14:1-23
Favorite Quote: “It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak…We are far too easily pleased.” – C.S. Lewis    
Favorite Band: Shane & Shane or David Crowder Band
Favorite Movie: Dunkirk
Favorite Book: The Prodigal God / The Last Battle / The Lion’s Gate  
What Would You do with a day off? Have coffee with my wife, take my family hiking up a mountain, and wrestle my boys before bedtime.
Life Goal: Take my family to a National Park every summer and take them on a short-term mission trip every 3-4 years.


Tori Dahilig

Middle School Director
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I am so excited to be a part of the youth ministry staff at Central Christian Church! My family has been attending the church for over 16 years so I had the wonderful opportunity to grow up in this church and attend the youth group throughout my middle school and high school years. It was through my experience as a student in the youth ministry and the great impact that God had on my life through the leaders and youth community, that a passion for youth ministry was sparked in my heart. Youth group was always a huge part of my life growing up and was instrumental in my spiritual formation.

Since that time, I had the opportunity to complete a college internship with the youth staff, volunteer as a youth leader for several years and will be completing a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Tabor College this year. Being a former student of the youth ministry has given me a deep love for youth and for walking through life with them, and for working with them through discipleship, youth missions and community outreach.

My husband and I are incredibly thankful that God has given us the amazing opportunity now to serve and work with the wonderful staff, students and families of Central Christian Church. My desire and heart is that God will continue to use the Youth Ministry to transform student’s lives and cultivate deeper relationships with Him. I look forward to walking alongside students and parents as together, we equip these young people for Christian leadership in our world.

Tori Dahilig
C3 Youth Director