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HHH Board Members

To contact a Board Member or Adviser, Call His Helping Hands 316.838.8528 or Email them.

Mr. Daryl Anderson
Mr. James Snodgrass
Mr. Tom Butz
Mr. Paul Dohm
Executive Director
Mrs. Joyce Ballard
Lead Volunteer for HHH
Mrs. Sue Nunley
Lead Volunteer for HHH
Mr. Jim Andrew
Elder – Central Christian Church
Mr. Dennis Baxter
Real Estate Investor
Mr. Ben Keller
Retired Aircraft Worker
Mrs. Tina Mann
Account Executive, Bott Radio
Mr. Dan Robison
Retired Financial Manager
Mr. Ross Lamp
Pastor of Benevolence, CCC
Mr. Roger London
Pastor of Care & Outreach, CCC
Mr. Edwin Ojedis
Hispanic Ministries Pastor, CCC
Mr. Joseph W Wright
Senior Pastor, Emeritus – CCC