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Fresh Hope


Fresh Hope is a hands-on, hand-in-hand program that is a "hand up"...not a "handout." It is designed for women who are seeking a fresh start and are ready to work harder than they have ever worked – but need some help getting started.

Many of these women are Christ-followers, some very new in the faith. Some are Christ-seekers and some have never considered that Jesus Christ might be interested in their lives.

Our prayer to God is that they will see His hand behind our outstretched hand...that God's powerful hands will accomplish what His Helping Hands could never dream of doing, and that these women will grasp His hand, as well.

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How can you help?

We need churches that are interested in reaching out to single women in need; companies to partner with us in internships; women who are interested in mentoring; and resources to help these women begin their new journey of enablement. We also need you to contact His Helping Hands at 316.838.8528 or email to refer women who are in crisis.

Most of all, we need your prayers. If you want more information, or desire to become involved (and we hope you do), please don't hesitate to contact us.

Program Resources

There is a new Christ-centered program starting at His Helping Hands.

  • Referral for educational/vocational training
  • Employment search seminars and internship programs with local businesses
  • Seminars on life skills, budgeting, nutrition, time management and goal setting
  • One-on-one mentoring with Christian women
  • Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered self-help program for those with life-effacing hurts, hang-ups or habits
  • Help with job search
  • Help to acquire adequate housing (as needed)
  • Help with appliances and funiture (as needed)