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Friendship Valley: Infants through Pre-K

Dear Parents:

Who loves a good road trip? Whether it is a planned one or just a spontaneous trip with your family or friends.  This month we are going to hear about the most unpredictable yet totally planned out road trip of Joseph. God had a road trip planned for him from beginning to end, but from Joseph’s perspective it was unexpected turns from every corner.

The only thing that Joseph knew that he could count on was that God loved him and had a plan. Our preschoolers are on their own road trip. Some of their stops are going to be hard, joyous and some downright painful. We want them to know that no matter what, God has a plan for them; we want them to know that God made them and loves them. That way when things get tough and they get lost, they can trust that God knows what He is doing and sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope your kids will join us for this journey with Joseph and his family this month.

Did you know that Central Kids sees on average of about 500 children a weekend? Did you know that to make our programming successful, we need volunteers? Did you know that YOU can volunteer? We are always in need of small group leaders, puppeteers, tech people, storytellers, check-in attendants and greeters. If you are interested, please pick up an application at any children’s check-in area. We would love to have you join our team of amazing volunteers. Sunday School Class

Tracey Hunt

Friendship Valley Weekend Info

Saturday Service 5:30pm

Drop off and pickup locations​
Infants Yellow (at least six weeks old)
Nursery Infant Counter

Toddlers Orange (born after 9/1/13 and walking) &
Toddlers Blue (born 9/1/13-8/31/14)

Nursery Toddler Counter

Preschool Green (3 year olds 9/1/2012 - 8/31/13)
Drop off at the Crown Room & Pick up at Room A13
9:00am service – pick-up Crown Room

Preschool Red (4-5 year olds 9/1/2011 - 8/31/12)
Drop off at the Crown Room & Pick up at Room A11
9:00am service – pick-up Crown Room

Sunday Services 9:00am & 10:45am

The locations above are the same for our Sunday morning services except at 9:00am these changes are made:

Preschool Green and Preschool Red
Drop Off & Pick Up at the Crown Room